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Latest news

11.04.2022 Specific fixes (see history)
06.11.2021 Specific fixes (see history)
28.09.2020 Specific fixes (see history)
16.05.2019 Specific fixes (see history)
16.02.2019 Specific fixes (see history)
30.05.2018 Specific changes (see history)
26.04.2018 Specific fixes (see history)
19.01.2018 Specific changes (see history)
29.05.2017 Correct detection of support LFN
In some cases number of mouse button was incorrect
04.04.2017 Specific fixes (see history)
29.08.2016 Specific fixes (see history)
15.04.2016 Specific changes (see history)
06.12.2015 Specific changes (see history)
27.07.2015 Specific changes (see history)
08.07.2015 Specific changes (see history)
05.06.2015 Specific changes (see history)
01.02.2014 Specific changes (see history)
22.08.2009 Specific changes (see history)
20.01.2009 Added one 'fictive' export (NOT_IMPLEMENTED) in user32.
10.02.2008 Some cosmetic changes for Windows Vista
29.12.2007 Add Syser Debugger support to NT driver
13.11.2007 Directory attribute in int 21 71/56
19.09.2007 Added two 'fictive' exports (NOT_IMPLEMENTED) in advapi32.
25.05.2006 Specific bugfixes (see history)
13.04.2006 Changes for working with 'additional' block devices (e.g. DOS-NTFS)
10.03.2006 Some exports and changes in NT-driver (see history)
01.02.2006 In dw32reg.exe added support of comment
20.12.2005 Correct calculation error line number in dw32reg.exe
23.09.2005 Added some 'fictive' exports (NOT_IMPLEMENTED) in kernel32 and advapi32.
05.08.2005 Specific bugfixes (see history)
27.05.2005 Correct bug in static-tls added at 05.05
05.05.2005 Some small changes (see history)
18.04.2005 NT part include corrector for error in last security-patch to NT4sp6a
14.11.2004 Specific bugfixes (see history)
26.10.2004 Added ShowWindow export
15.09.2004 Specific bugfixes and additions (see history)
09.09.2004 Many corrections and additions (see history)
28.08.2004 ATTENTION: Due to bad hardlink on ftp last two updates where download incorrectly
27.08.2004 Specific bugfixes (see history)
22.04.2004 In NT kmd added support from last version of SoftIce (DS 3.1)
08.03.2004 Specific bugfixes (see history)
09.01.2004 Fixed bug in x486 detector (see history)
15.10.2003 Bugfixes (see history)
01.10.2003 Bugfixes and new dummy routines (see history)
15.09.2003 Can work (with restrictions) in MS-DOS v5.x, v6.x.
10.09.2003 LFN-support, unicode-pages, ResourceLocale, new APIs.
Yet compatible with MSVC7.1, BCB7, TSE32